Charm Solitaire

Charm Solitaire 1.04

Pass each level in order to complete a magic card pack
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Solitaire is one of the most widely known computer games. The only connection this game has with the standard Solitaire game is the fact that it is a card game. The design and gameplay are totally different from the classic game. The goal of this game is to place all the cards on the playing field face down. You do that by strategically placing a card (one rank higher or lower) next to the one on the playing field. You have to do that before the cards that keep moving reach the end of the chain.

It is a fun and addictive game that will make you lose countless hours in front of your computer. Even the story of this game makes it more interesting. You have to help Archithon, the king's chief counsellor regain his mind by finishing each level and putting back each of the cards that from the magic pack.

After a quick and easy installation, you can select one out of the three game modes (Normal, Hard and No Loose) and save Archithon's mind and the kingdom. This game will require your full attention because, as the levels advance, they get more and more difficult and you will have to place the cards in the best possible way. Develop strategies and use the bonus cards (such as time stopping, the card that makes the cards on the chain go back into the deck, etc.) for a maximum efficiency.

Overall, this game is a fun and addictive card game that will make you lose countless hours in front of your computer in order to save the kingdom by recovering Archithon's mind. Complete the magic cards deck by completing each of the levels as they get more and more difficult.

Tyler Vidd
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