Charm Solitaire

Charm Solitaire

Charm Solitaire: An exciting twist on classic solitaire
3.8  (9 votes)
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If you are a solitaire fan and wants something exciting in the game; then this game is for you.
This amazing game is made for you with a magical background. You are armed with a deck of cards that needs to be restored so that the fantasy-land restores back its zeal and life.
In this game you will have to place the classic playing cards on the game-board following one simple rule. You will have to place each card next to another one with a value of one less or one greater; here the suit does not really matter. The game is featured in a simple to learn and play interface with logic that of a classic solitaire. You will also collide with some wonderful variation in the game modes. The game also features: unlimited playtime, story line being vast and interesting, eye-catching graphics, wonderful soundtrack and also special power-up card.
Minimum system requirements:


- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- 500MHz or faster Processor
- 128MB RAM
- DirectX-Compatible Sound Card
- DirectX 7.0 or better

However the sad part is the game is not available for mac users so mac users will have to wait till its published for them.

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Review summary


  • Minimum hardware required
  • Easy to play
  • No age limit required


  • Bit costly
  • Not available for mac os
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